Pedro Estevez aka FLASH was born in Portugal in 1977.

Since an early age Pedro developed a special passion for Electronic music and audio technology.

It didn’t take long for our man with the beat to embark on his own Odyssey to find his true musical essence...

A self taught DJ, mixmaster and electrotech genius, Pedro combined his passion and technical prowess to create grooves which evolved into the Pure Essence music philosophy.
Pure Essence is the culmination of Pedro’s Odyssey to merge the universes of warm and perfectly flawed vinyl and mixing with warm analogue equipment layered into a digital production process.

The result is Pure Essence....and he is always searching for the most unique and innovative sounds to bring together in this electronic communion.

The Pure Essence sound covers such a broad spectrum of electronica, ranging from chill out to the far reaches of progressive house.

Each and every beat, track and session is done with the view of creating a doorway....a pathway...a real musical Odyssey... 

Pedro has collaborated on various projects since 1993.

He has also created soundtracks for various short films and has been involved  with Dancefuel, The Propellerheads and Reason.

He will be taking the act on the festival circuit in Europe this summer and Odyssey 20/20 will keep you advised....

Pedro has crafted the latest Pure Essence sessions...titlaed powered by Odyssey 20/20....we welcome FLASH, as he continues in his Odyssey to find the perfect Beat, the perfect Frequency and the perfect Melody.


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