about us

Odyssey 20/20 has been giving clarity for the journey since 2003….
Products for the people….
Anytime/anywhere…on the run from, or to, something big…or not so big, at a gig, beach, mountain, empty pool…wherever….


Odyssey20/20 is all about innovation and individualism and represents that this in the products that we bring to the market. The brand draws from all eras to create cutting edge designs and practical frames that can be worn doing a variety of activities and under different conditions. We source only premium materials that go into each unique model baring the Odyssey 20/20 logo. Odyssey 20/20 sunglasses are not only the epitome of style, but are also extremely durable and provide exceptional clarity. Our range of Hand Made Acetate, Injection Moulded and Metal frames provide an impressive mix of style, comfort and durability at a competitive price.


Our people….who they are….where they play….where they are headed….
The street where new sounds emerge for each generation screaming, dancing, wailing and flailing ….
The pen, brush or can of the unknown philosophers and artists whose scroll or canvas is the hanging in a gallery, the alley way and somewhere in between…
It is how we play when the world is our oyster and equally, when the s#%t hit the fan….
It is our life…
Our score card…
Our Journey
Our Odyssey….
No one else’s…..
What’s Your Odyssey?